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I've been super busy at work, and haven't had a chance to share my thoughts on episode six. Since a new episode comes on tonight, I better crap out this summary as fast as I can.

Challenge: Recycle The designers head off to Jersey to pick up recyclable materials for their next challenge.

Loser: Alison

Alison is a bad-ass, and I still don't understand why she is gone. Yes, she wrapped her lumpy model with manila paper and topped it off with a ridiculous hair-bow. Yes, it is her responsibility to make a Jell-o model look like a beautiful popsicle. However, Alison did not submit the worst design on the runway. That honor belongs to Vincent. Again. For the sixth week in a row. I'll miss you Alison! (I really will!)

Winner: Michael

Michael is a bad-ass, too. The judges know it. It kinda helped that he submitted a very compelling design on the runway. Good for Michael. Next!

My Contenders

So, let's take a glance at my three contenders.


Uli offered up something a little different this week. This look has more body than her previous work. Considering the materials used in this garment, it moved quite well on the runway. In addition, I'm pretty sure that you can cook popcorn in the skirt, too. Hoorj!


Laura offered up a dress for nuts. Jeffrey complained that she created "another high-waisted" skirt. I guess it's a valid complaint, and I've said the same thing about half of Jeff's designs. And if he didn't have partners for two of the other challenges, he probably would've made "another high-waisted skirt" for those challenges, too.

Laura's dress is a bit tame, but that's to be expected from her. However, she seems to have a perspective that has been identifiable throughout this season. There were a bunch of generic lame designs last year, but they weren't as sophisticated and interesting as Laura's.


My final Contender Angela uses paper print to construct diamond panels that are draped over a basic aluminum undercoating. This is not a very compelling design, but it wasn't a disaster like so many others this week. Angela can't slink through with this level of quality over the next couple weeks, or she'll be back on the organic farm scouting mushrooms... And if she takes this dress home with her, she can also find work as a lightning rod.

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