Project Threeway

Catfish and I are most excited about the upcoming season of Project Runway. It's quite likely that we'll be blogging after each episode. So, if you're a fan of fashion, drama, dramatic fashion, or fashionable drama then you should return on a regular basis for our expert commentary.

Now, you might think that it's a little early for predictions, but I think I've figured out who the contenders are.

First, Angela Kelsar is a contender. It's obvious from her online bio.
She enjoys yoga, gourmet cooking, anything Elvis, snorkeling, visiting the elderly, working with children, high bush hiking and caving in southern Belize. She also loves flower and vegetable gardening, mushroom hunting, solitude, laughing, and any activities that extend her limits and annihilate her preconceived notions of possibility.

Obviously, anybody who likes high bush hiking and laughing is a WINNER. I don't know why she has a prejudice against caves that aren't from Southern Belize, but I'm sure that will be revealed on the show. Maybe she hunted down some bad mushrooms in Northern Belize.

Next we have Laura Bennett. Let's glance at her bio, shall we?

She spends her spare time researching and studying 19th and 20th century jewelry, and follows international jewelry auctions and museum exhibits. Laura is the mother of five children.

She graduated from the University of Houston, so that deserves multiple snaps. She's obviously the next American fashion designer, because she STUDIES jewelry. And she's totally fertile. Fashion thrives on virility. I'm also digging the Annie Lennox haircut with matching wax lips. It's a good thing they didn't use a white background for that picture, because then we'd just be left with a floating wig, eyebrows, and lips. I applaud her rejection of the sun and any form of can tan. I don't know why she's wearing a doily on her chest, but maybe that's just what jewelry scholars wear.

And finally we have Ulrike Herzner.

Ulrike Herzner, who goes by the name “Uli,” is a 35-year-old German native who currently resides in Miami Beach.

Basically she looks like Sven Vath in drag. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it usually isn't good. However, if she brings any type of acid techno vibe to the party she should walk away with the title.

Stay tuned and come back for all of the critical commentary that you need in order to understand the new season of Project Runway. If it goes well, we'll be blogging the next season of Deadliest Catch! (It's slightly less fashionable, but with more crabs!)


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I don't trust people who like Elvis.

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