Hey Wait I Have A New Complaint

Have you ever noticed how much my blog sucks?

Well, I have.

I started this blog primarily to bitch about politics. I guess I'm kinda over that now. I still have a ton of complaints about American politics, but I've decided that there's not much point in researching and writing about it. It makes me angry, and it doesn't have much of an effect on the final outcome. All of the smartest bloggers in the world couldn't keep US out of Iraq or help get Kerry elected. On the other hand, Bush would have lost if he came out on television and said that puppies aren't cute. The level of political discourse in the United States has fallen to a dangerously stupid level. I'm just trying to slowly back away and keep my own sanity...

I also quit writing to this blog because many of my opinions would have a negative effect on my employment. I might expand on that later, or maybe I won't. Who knows? Who cares?

Anyway, I plan on updating more often, but my posts probably won't make much sense. But honestly, who cares?


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