Project Runway

I'm a big fan of Project Runway, and now it's down to the Final Three: Santino Rice, Chloe Dao , and Daniel Vosovic.

Santino is the Wendy Pepper of the season, except that he actually has talent. I've been defending Santino to several people lately, even though he probably should have been sent home after the jumpsuit or the lingerie line. However, I do think that he's one of the few designers from the season that deserves the chance to show a collection at Fashion Week.


Well, because I feel that this season's designers don't seem to have much of a perspective.

Andrea: He has a loud, flambouyant, playful personality. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. However, I'm a bit clueless as to his actual design aesthetic.

Daniel Bliss: I would've liked to have seen him make it to the Final Three. He has good taste, and his design philosophy is apparent. HOWEVER, I'm not sure he deserved a second chance on the show. There are no do-overs on The Price Is Right. The same rule applies here.

Diana Eng: I'd replace Santino with her if I had a chance. Her career is still gestating, and I'm not sure she had the experience necessary to turn her ideas into fashion.

Emmet: Boring. Beyond boring. And his personality was even more boring. *yawn*

Guadalupe: I wish I knew the number of her drug dealer. She obviously gets some good shit. She didn't show anything that convinced me she should've been in the Final Three, Four, or Ten.

Nick: I really liked Nick during the first half of the season. And then the Banana Republic challenge came along, and Nick had to play second-fiddle to Santino's flight of fancy. And it seemed as if he was more than willing to be cut than to fight for his position. And from that point on, he lost his voice and didn't seem interested in regaining it. What the hell was his problem during the Inspiration Challenge? How the hell can a creative person walk the streets of New York and not find inspiration? He may be a good teacher, but he doesn't have the raw drive of an artist. Good-Bye.

So, there's not much to say about the rest of the bunch. I don't care for Santino's design aesthetics, but I recognize his passion, the madness that drives him to fight to the top of the pile. He deserves to be in the Final Three.

NYMag has the Fashion Week collections from all four Designers:

I find Kara's collection a bit more interesting than the others, it's a pleasant surprise. None of the Final Three leap out to me as a definitive winner. I think they are all in the running this year. Santino's collection is surprisingly subtle (for him). Daniel and Chloe both feature strong designs. I think the finale should be a nail-biter until the very end...


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