How Low Can He Go?

So, Prutzledunt Bush's ratings are now at 34%. Only 30% think that he's doing a good job in Iraq. Those seem like bad numbers for the Commander in Chief.

Basically, this means that over 15% of the people who voted for Bush in 2004 now have Buyer's Remorse. Ummm. So what the hell is wrong with these people? It's not like he did anything last year. He hasn't done shit this year. He was a stupid, inept, ideological dunderhead in November 2004 and nothing has changed since. I actually have more respect for the idiots that elected him and still stand by him now than I do for these "flip-floppers" that are now saying, "Oh, wait a minute. Bush is a bad president." "Oh, have you noticed that he doesn't care about the Constitution?" "I don't think Bush is strong on security, do you?" "I'm starting to think that maybe Bush actually did lie about the war in Iraq."

Screw that. If you helped elect Bush in November 2004, then you need to stay the course. He's not any dumber today than he was then. His policies aren't any worse than they were then.

Whatever. At least it's been an entertaining ride...


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