High Tension

I finally watched High Tension this past weekend. The gore was great, but I have to agree with the large number of people who have pointed out that it seems to have been "borrowed" quite a bit from Dean Koontz's book Intensity. Koontz should get a writing credit for this movie.

So, the movie is well-acted, well-directed, and the gore is terrific. There is one slight problem (beyond the seemingly apparent plagiarism): A shocking twist. Actually, the twist isn't that shocking. But it is a huge, huge disappointment. I wish I could understand why so many of today's filmmakers think that their thriller/drama MUST have some type of reveal.

Oh well. The same director has a remake of The Hills Have Eyes coming out next month, and it should be terrific. Unless, of course, there's another LAME Twist. If there is one, this is what I'm expecting:

- The mutant family is related to the family that is travelling through the "hills".

- There is no mutant family. The travelling family is killing themselves.

- The hills are in Iraq. It's just sectarian violence.


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