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Challenge: Update A Fashion icon

The designers have survived the first four challenges and now are tasked to update a fashion icon. This is an interesting challenge because nobody is on safe ground. The models choose the icon for their designer, and that's a problem if the designer is not familiar with their muse. The designers are also unable to draw inspiration from each other since each icon has a very distinct style.

Some of the designers said this was the best challenge of the season so far. It was definitely exciting to see where the designers would take their icon in the 21st century. Vincent and Bradley (and arguably Robert) have construction issues, and I'd be surprised to see them last much longer. Obviously, Bradley doesn't. But I suspect Vincent and Robert will be gone very soon.

Loser: Bradley

Bradley's icon is Cher. I thought Bradley got a little lucky, because Cher will wear just about any ridiculous costume on the planet. He just had to make sure that it sparkled, exposed plenty of flesh, and fit the model like a glove. Granted, Bradley wasn't familiar with Cher and her insane sense of style. He was given a single picture of Cher from the 70's, but that wasn't enough to inspire him.

Ultimately, Bradley delivered an update that failed on every level. He went shiny instead of sparkly. The top is like a bad 80's half shirt a gay jock would wear to a Cher drag show. The pants appear to have been wadded up in a ball for the last ten years. This outfit was such a disaster that you knew Bradley was going home when the episode was only half-over. Bye Bye Bradley. We'll miss your beard.

Winner: Michael

Michael updated classic Pam Grier to the 21st century. We haven't seen much of Michael's personality up to this point, and I was nervous that this meant he would be leaving soon. Fortunately, we did get to see more of Michael this week. Not only does he have a winning design ethic, he comes across as a very cool guy.

In the 70's Pam Grier was a sex symbol comprised of long sexy legs and an afro puff. Michael didn't screw with this formula. The hot pants reference Pam Grier's golden era while the top keeps it all modern and fresh. The color choice is fantastic on the model; I just can't say anything bad about any of this. Michael did an incredible job and deserves the win.

My Contenders

My three contenders offered their best work to date. I thought they all had a chance to walk away with the win.


Uli's icon was Diana Ross; like Cher she has accepted and challenged the definition of fashion. Unlike Bradley, Uli chose a compelling print fabric and created a modern look that retains Diana's animal spirit. However, the skirt doesn't quite work for me. Perhaps less would have been more in this case. I like the print a log, but I'd rather see more leg. Maybe I've just been looking at Pam Grier pictures too long...

Anyway, Uli captured Diana (via Prince's jungle) and could have walked off with the win if the competition was weaker. Let's move on to the next Contender.


Laura and Katherine Hepburn? Could you imagine a better match? If this was season two, Laura would have wiped the floor with Santino's funky rags. This might be the most mature design we've seen on the show so far. It's clean, elegant, modern, and sophisticated. And sexy. It's everything that Robert's Jacki O design should have been.

Laura is due for a win very soon if she continues on this path. (I'm not so certain that she's carrying Michael's baby. Now I'm starting to wonder if she may have gotten Angela pregnant. I still suspect her body might be inhabited by Leona Helmsley's spirit... even though the beast is supposedly still alive.)


Finally, we have Angela. Funky, quirky, flowery Angela. Obviously the granny circles made an appearance, but they did not overpower the overall design. Her task of updating Audrey Hepburn was difficult, because this seems like an icon that is somewhat stuck to a particular time period. Angela took a few risks modernizing this look, and she really pulled it off without losing her ability to editorialize. This is Audrey and Angela in the 21st Century. Great job, Contender!

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