Project Threeway .3

Challenge: For episode three, the designers drew inspiration from small dogs and design a dress for a fictional dog owner. The resulting garments were surprisingly strong, with only a few real duds.

Katherine. :(

Katherine's crime is simplicity and lack of construction experience. I like the color sequence from the top to the waist, and the look is young and smart. Unfortunately for Katherine, the rest of the group delivered garments that had less construction issues. Her work is better than the losers from Season One and Season Two, but she wouldn't have lasted much longer on those seasons or this one. Vincent will join her soon. (He hit the time machine again this week, this time taking us back to Janeane Garofalo's closet circa 1991. Oy!)

Winner: Uli

Uli did a great job with this design. It is playful, sophisticated, and somewhat ambitious. The leopard skin print could have led to a disaster, instead she used it for an appealing set of straps in the back. The jacket complements the dress without adding unseemly bulk. Great job, Uli. I knew you were a contender...

My Contenders

So, let's take a glance at my three contenders. Since we've discussed Uli, I've inducted Michael as an honorary Contender.


Laura submits another tasteful, elegant design. However, I feel this is a step backward from last week's Miss USA gown. I guess this should be called Ginger Plaid with Fur Tendrils. Laura's a glamorous contender, but I want to see something that doesn't require additions that are shiny or fuzzy.


Angela's design for this challenge is a little disappointing. She was tasked to design a dress for the imagined owner of a dog, instead she submitted a design for one of her supplemental personalities.

I'm almost sold on the vest, but it needs some type of layer underneath. The black trim doesn't work, either. If you'll recall, she made a bad trim decision on the first challenge, too.

The skirt's waist begins to tell an interesting story, but the rest of it is a schizophrenic mess. Angela's still a contender, but she needs to figure out how to edit the details that aren't going to work for these judges. She may not like Vincent very much, but she's basically his female equivalent. Watch out, Angela, or you'll share his fate.

Honorary Contender Michael

Michael's an honorary Contender this week. His interweaved top is serious, innovative, yet wearable. I'm surprised he didn't make the top three, but this is a tough field of competitors. Michael has proven to be a contender so far. Let's just hope that he doesn't get Laura pregnant before the season ends.

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