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Here's an interesting poll from Gallup. It asks Republicans and Democrats which nominees are acceptable and which are not.

Some of the Democrat numbers are interesting. More Democrats would find Howard Dean an unacceptable candidate. Even though the Dean Scream will stay in our hearts forever, it appears that he'll never be the President of the United States.

But... Wesley Clark's numbers are somewhat close to Dean's. I would've thought Clark would be considered acceptable, but I guess not. Denis Kucinich's numbers are not surprising. But a 20% acceptability rating is a bit higher than I'd expect with regard to Kucinich's crunchy Granola factor. I guess we'll probably never see a Dean/Kucinich Presidential ticket, but maybe a groovy Ben & Jerry's ice cream is possible.

John Edwards seems to be the most acceptable, least hated candidate. He's slightly ahead of both Gore and Clinton.

Yes, acceptableNo, not acceptableNo opinion
Howard Dean40546
Wesley Clark424910
Dennis Kucinich215127
John Edwards71254
Hillary Rodham Clinton69291
Al Gore68311

On the Republican side, here are the numbers I found interesting. John McCain is somewhat acceptable, but his not acceptable numbers are high. But they aren't as high as Jeb's or Cheney's. It's almost like the Republican base is rejecting the current administration. Will history reject him, too?

Yes, acceptableNo, not acceptableNo opinion
John McCain55415
Jeb Bush44524
Dick Cheney34615


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