UPDATE: Soccer Con #4

Just got back from visiting Hot Tuna in Hot Houston. Went to the beach in Galveston, but I'm a freshwater catfish, and don't care for saltwater - AT ALL. Among other things, we celebrated the anniversary of Tuna's birth.

Loyal reader David S. in St. Louis, while not seeing the Comment function, has submitted another link worthy of posting. Let's revisit my soccer post:

Con #4 - This is the con that I have the biggest gripe with. Full grown men
have brought this sport to a new low. Once a player is remotely touched by
another player (or sometimes not touched at all), they pull out as much
drama as possible to embellish the purported foul. They do flips, grimace as
if in extreme pain, and many will repeatedly touch their nose, hoping blood
will appear to validate their foul. Fortunately, the refs usually aren't
fooled by the dramatics.

Here's a humorous video exemplifying Con #4.

My verdict? Soccer is acceptable as a fitness sport, but is totally worthless on the stage of competitive sports.


Blogger Hot_Tuna said...

The more I learn about soccer, the less respect I have for it.

8:45 PM  

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