RIP Kenny Boy

Thanks, Hot Tuna, for the support. Didn't realize soccer rifled your gills so much.

Most have heard the news that Kenny Boy escaped his jail sentence by having a heart attack in his vacation home in Aspen (Is it just in America that white collar criminals are allowed to spend time in their un-seized Colorado vacation homes, after being convicted?). That news alone is enough to make anyone vomit. Thanks to David S, our loyal reader in St. Louis, we have this gem of a comment concerning Ken Lay:

"He was a great Christian person, and he wasn't afraid to tell people about his faith," Cretcher said.

Are Christians smoking crack these days? Is this what we have to accept as Christianity these days - a religion of greed and materialism? One doesn't need to point out the absurdity of reconciling Ken's deeds to this religion. If you continue reading the article, however, you'll read that Kenny Boy made a donation of $1.1 million to the University of Missouri, only to ask for it back several months later to help pay for legal bills. Chuckle.


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