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Since a new episode of PR premieres tomorrow, I wanted to quickly throw in my thoughts on last week's episode. Tuna does a good job of summarizing the fashions of the designers we're watching, but I want to add a new one to the mix - Michael Knight (not to be confused with this Michael Knight ). At first glance, you probably wouldn't give much credit to a black guy from Atlanta, whose fashions sometimes look specially made for Lil Kim. But I really liked the dress he constructed from coffee filters. On the show, however, it looked far more flattering on the model than it does in this picture.

Honorable Mention: Malan Breton. His pretention is nauseauting, but I was surprised with the sophistication of his design, and really, how well constructed it looked, given the timeline. It reminds me of Issey Miyake circa 1994 or so. Very elegant. Again, this is not a flattering picture, as it makes this model look like she's carrying a bit of junk in the trunk...and front. I didn't get the same impression when I saw it on the show.

The models: Obviously the show isn't about them, but can't they find some women who can walk?!


Blogger Hot_Tuna said...

I refuse to give credit to black guys from Atlanta. wonder what would happen if you did put Lil Kim into coffee filters, poured hot water on her, and then squeezed real hard. Would you get coffee? Espresso? Vinegar wine? Cream cheese?

6:43 PM  
Blogger Fried Catfish said...

Silicon jelly?

7:21 AM  

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