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I've been toiling away on my Episode 4 post and decided to separate my notes regarding Keith's dismissal.

First, I would suggest checking Tim Gunn's Episode 4 Podcast. It sounds like Keith had two chances to turn over the contraband books. Keith dug himself into a hole that he could not escape, and it's unfortunate that he cheated himself out of a chance to prove his design abilities.

Keith didn't make a lot of friends on the show, and the viewers overwhelmingly supported his dismissal. I'm not too concerned about these personality conflicts, and I don't find satisfaction seeing him dismissed. He has a design philosophy that is modern, fashion-forward, and sophisticated. This isn't learned or copied from a book; you either have it or you don't. I regret that Keith will not live or die on the runway this season.

As a software engineer, I understand that "pattern" books are quite valuable. While I do not use fashion books, I regularly use code books at home and work. These books are essential for engineers to produce quality software in an acceptable time frame. However, these books are not acceptable for software writing challenges. Your submission MUST come from your (or your team's) skillset. The winner shouldn't be the person that knows all of the available shortcuts; the winner is the person that can design and construct a product in their own head AND then produce it with the hands.

I hope that Keith overcomes this major disappointment and draws inspiration from it in the future. Good luck, dude.

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