No DeLay?

It's official. Tom DeLay stays on the ballot in what should be a dirty, ugly campaign. Since I'm a resident of his district, I get to witness the carnage first-hand. Even though it's a bit premature, I've decided to support Nick Lampson. I could write a lengthy post explaining why Lampson is a better candidate. But why bother? All that matters is that he is NOT Tom DeLay.

Fortunately for Nick, he previously represented half of this district for four terms and the people here still like him. Even the Conservatives at work admit that he was a good Representative and will vote for him again. However, I live in the lesser Fundamentalist half of the district. This race will come down to the Get Out The Vote effort, and I'm a little concerned that Toxic Tom will have more success energizing his fan base. Unfortunately for Tom, he has these tiny, little money laundering and conspiracy charges to fight. It's kinda expensive to run a race in Houston AND pay one of the most expensive attorneys in the state.


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