DeLayed Followup

Following up on my post from yesterday, there's more big news on the House race for TX-22.

Former U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay will support a write-in candidate for his old seat, his daughter said today, one day after the state Republican Party lost its legal battle to replace him on the November ballot.

In a statement, DeLay said he would withdraw his name from the ballot. Since state law does not allow a party to replace an official nominee who withdraws from the race, no Republican candidate will be on the ballot.
-Houston Chronicle

Tom DeLay is officially quitting the race and walking away from his constituents in my district, TX-22. So, I am officially being taxed without representation until November. Of course, I wouldn't expect the Bug Man to see any problems with that...

Toxic Tom continues to say that he is no longer a resident of Texas and should be replaced on the ballot. Hmmmm.... So why was he a resident during the GOP primary a few months ago but no longer a resident today? Military service? Ministry work? Nope, he's moving to Virginia so he can make more money dictating a book about his faith and collecting public speaker fees.

Tom has abandoned his constituents, abandoned his city, and abandoned the Lone Star state in the pursuit of his true Lord God Money. Oh, and it seems like he wants us to believe that the courts are robbing us of choice in the election.

No, Tom. It was YOUR CHOICE to stay in the GOP Primary to be the candidate for Representative of TX-22. You won it fair and square by beating half a dozen other Republicans. And then you saw the polls that said you will probably lose to the Democrat because the voters in TX-22 now see you as the slimy, dirty, sleazy, morally bankrupt political hack that you are. It was YOUR CHOICE to leave the city where you attended college, it was YOUR CHOICE to leave the residents that supported you for twenty years.

Tom, you won't be missed. You weren't beloved. Hell, you weren't even beliked. But I hate to think this is good-bye. I'd rather send you off with a phrase uttered on the floor of the Senate by your friend, Dick Cheney... "GO FUCK YOURSELF."


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