Brooklyn vs. Space City

The Fresh Catch crew journeyed to Blur Bar off Westheimer last Friday to catch some of our favorite DJs Frankie Bones and Chris Anderson.

We arrived shortly after Chris started playing, and we immediately recognized his trademark tech-house sound. The BPM was just a little slow for my tastes, but otherwise I enjoyed the set that concluded with a track featuring a devastating bassline and sample from Deee-Lite. I thought Chris said it was a track from Andreas Kremer and "some french guy", but... I must have misunderstood what he said. There's just now way Kremer was involved with that one.

The Bonehead kicked off his set with DJ Rod Lee's Holla, a nasty ghetto breakbeat tech track. Eventually, Frankie worked the club deeper into his type of techno. Highlights of the set included PQM's You Are Sleeping and Faxid's Acid In My Head. A familiar Woody McBride track was circulating through the mix, but I can't quite remember which one.

Unfortunately, we forgot to take the digital camera so we couldn't take any pics of the lame-ass Houston dancers. Echh.

Blur seemed like a nice little club. The lights and sound were decent, and it's located in a cool part of Houston. It was obviously a gay/lesbian bar, but the crowd was a nice mix. It was a little tame for a couple of old Area 52 clubheads like us, but I guess you can't really complain these days. I'd definitely go back to Blur if they bring in another techno dj.


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