Evolution Shmevolution

This isn't much of a surprise. The "Mah-Daddy" Party doesn't believe in evolution. I think it can be explained quite easily.

- "When I was a kid mah Daddy taught me that life is precious and God and the Bible."

- "Mah Daddy told me that we came from Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, and not from monkays."

I think that's basically where most Republicans start in life and they stay on that path. Hell, it worked for Daddy, right?

They still rely on the scientific process (that generated the theory of evolution) to improve the quality of their life, though. Air conditioning in our malls? Comes from science. Bunker busting bombs? That ain't coming from Jesus. High speed data exchange with failsafe switchover? Science.

A theory to explain the origin of our current biological system? Science just doesn't cut it. There's not enough evidence to prove the theory of evolution, so we're just going to stay with mah daddy's explanation. We were created by an invisible man who peeks into our invisible souls and categorizes our invisible spirits between two invisible worlds for our invisible afterlife. And you know mah daddy just can't be wrong. There's no need to try and prove that one wrong...

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