A Weaker Standard

I felt like shoving a railroad spike into my skull today, but I decided to just go over and read The Weekly Standard instead. (Alleged) Uber War Strategists Kagan and Kristol have come together again to beat the War Drum against Iran, Syria, "Foreign Fighters", and Democrats. Their headline proclaims "Congress Gives In On War Funding Now can we fight the enemy?" Gosh, guys. You've only been in charge of this war for five years. Maybe you should have considered fighting "The Enemy" sometime before now...

Of course, the denial of reality continues far beyond the headline:

The war over the war in Washington is quiet for the moment. Congress has finally appropriated funds for America's warriors without setting a deadline for their defeat. Now the president can turn his undivided attention to fighting the enemies who are attacking our soldiers.

Ahhh, the ol "deadline for defeat" tautology. As far as I can tell, the Republicans are the only ones accusing our troops of losing. Our troops went to Iraq to secure possible WMD locations, topple Saddam's regime, and introduce democracy to the people of Iraq. That's why the troops went to Iraq, and they achieved their goals. However, that's not enough for the Republicans. They want to keep moving the goalposts for the soldiers and play a shell game with the American people. We want a definitive list of goals for our troops and the Iraqi government. That's it. That's not a deadline for defeat, it's a sign of respect toward everybody who has made a commitment of resources to this lengthy endeavor. (And the idea that the President can now turn his attention to the war is laughable. The President has turned this war over to a "war czar" so he can turn his undivided attention to that rampant wildbrush insurgency at his ranch.)

But this diatribe from Kagan & Kristol hardly focuses on Iraq. In fact, it's a call to arms against Iran and Syria (who appears to have replaced North Korea on the global Evil Axis). That's certainly something to ponder on this Memorial Day. The Administration that will remain in power until 2009 isn't satisfied with sinking half a trillion taxpayer dollars and sacrificing thousands of lives in Iraq alone. Their highly profitable war machine hunger grows as its size increases, and every mainstream Republican candidate for President promises to continue feeding this beast.


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