Conservatives Find Another Playground

Conservatives have decided that Youtube is waaay to liberal for them, so they started their own copycat version of the video-sharing website. It's called Qubetv.tv which may sound a little redundant, but these are the same people who have to be told that we're "making progress" in Iraq everyday. Here's a little bit from their blog:

Will there be standards? “Sure. No pornography—we’re a family site. And if some al-Qaeda type sends footage of an American kid being killed, unlike the New York Times, we will have the common sense and decency to get the thing removed ASAP…as conservatives we are big believers in the Constitution, which includes the First Amendment,” pointed out Lord.

So, they are conservatives who believe in the Constitution and the First Amendment. Which means they will censor their content. Natch.

Also, they won't show any casualties from the Iraq War. Because it's one thing to send troops over to be sniped in Iraq neighborhoods, but it's gross to actually see it. That's how Conservatives support our troops! We'll buy you the plane ticket to Baghdad. But if you get hurt, you better keep it on the down-low.

So, what kind of important journalism has been uploaded to Qubetv.tv?

- A clip of Hillary talking about providing health care to all Americans. The video is from a black-and-white movie, while Hillary provides the audio. I'm not sure if there's a point to this one or not.

- Another audio clip that doesn't really warrant the bandwidth to become a video. It's an audio clip from Rush Limbaugh's show where he is playing another audio clip of Barney Frank accidently saying the word "cock" instead of "clock". It's funny because he said one word instead of another, and one of the words was a dirty word and you're supposed to find some type of deep meaning from it and ahhh... whatever.

- And here's another one from a very creepy looking guy suggesting that you log onto Youtube and post comments about his videos so they will show up on Youtube's "Most Discussed" page. Because that's where all the hard-core "Youtubers" go. He also has another video that is a haiku or something about being covered in liberal feces. I suggested that he stop working inside of pay toilets. (NOTE: This site that claims to support the First Amendment has deleted my comment questioning why this guy claims to be covered in liberal feces in the first place!)

- Here's yet another audio clip that's been turned into a video. (At least the creepy guy had a webcam!) This one features Michael Savage ranting about the immigrant invasion.

- This one is a classic. It's a series of images from the Virginia Tech massacre claiming that one trained, legal gun owner could have prevented Cho's rampage. Yeah, I'm sure that nobody but Cho carries guns to school. I wonder if anybody at NASA might have something to say about letting anybody and everybody to carry weapons in engineering departments...

Basically, this is yet another pathetic non-idea from today's Conservative movement. Google/Youtube should be happy that somebody else is posting this crap and wasting bandwidth.


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