Virginia Tech : Unorganized Thoughts

I've had a bit of tequila tonight, and I thought it might be the appropriate time to talk about the Virginia Tech incident...

My heart goes out to the families of the victims of senseless violence. This includes the people in Iraq who face this type of insane violence on a daily basis. Larry Johnson posts more about this at TPM.

-Seung-hui Cho was definitely an English major. A CS major would've posted this material to Youtube or created a Flash website containing the manifesto. In addition, only an English major would write an 1,800 word manifesto that says absolutely nothing.

-Virginia is for lovers. Specifically, it's a great place for gun lovers. Evidently you can still buy a gun there if you have been interviewed by the police for stalking and have been sent to a mental health facility and labeled a threat to yourself and society.

-According to experts, this is clearly a reason to call for more guns and less guns in our society. Thank God for experts. Maybe we just need one BIG gun...

-NBC obviously shouldn't have shown the multimedia manifesto. I guess we should have been seeing pictures of that freshly painted school building.

Call me crazy, but I kinda suspect that you can't really stop crazy people from doing crazy shit. We can't be American without access to weapons and hollow-tip bullets. We can't be American without access to powerful legal drugs. And we can't be American without a few people exploiting the loopholes that allow for crazy shit to happen. Fortunately we live in America where this only happens a few times a decade. It would totally suck to live in Iraq where this crap happens a few times a week. Fortunately, they have access to good weapons and good drugs.


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