Imus : The Saga Continues

The Rutgers Woman's Basketball team speaks out!
“Unless they’ve given ‘ho’ a whole new definition, that’s not what I am,” said Kia Vaughn, the team’s sophomore center.

According to the Urban Dictionary, there are at least ninety definitions for the word 'ho'. The best definition is:

(noun): Anyone who dehumanizes themselves by selling their soul to others. The term can be applied to either a man or a woman or--as in the case of --both.

Anne Coulter: You two ladies look awfully interesting. Are you Indians?
Woman #1: Yes, I'm a Navajo.
Woman #2: I'm an Arapahoe.
Anne Couter: What a coincidence! I'm a right-wing ho!

OK. Maybe that's not the definition Imus was referencing. (And yes, I want to apologize to the she-males that were offended by this post.)

Should Imus be fired for his remarks? Should a shock jock be fired for saying something shocking and abrasive; for generating ratings and attention to his show? Probably not. Should Imus be fired for saying something that runs off his fans and advertisers? Of course, but that hasn't happened over the past twenty plus years that Don Imus has spent offending people.

And I'm still waiting for somebody to explain what this controversy is about. One of his producers called this team "jigaboos" earlier in the show, and that doesn't seem to be part of this conversation. Is it the slang word 'ho' that's so offensive? Is there some type of age cut-off where it's no longer cool to use the word? Would it be OK for Rappin' Granny to use the phrase?

There is so much in life to be outraged over. People who play by the rules aren't flourishing in this country. Our President pledges our troops to fight in a sandbox until somebody else has his job. Minorities and women have a harder time finding work than white men, and they end up working for less money. Energy, food, education, and communication costs continue to rise, while wages remain flat. Condi Rice is a nappy-headed lying bitch, but it's impolite to say so. George Bush is a two-faced liar, but it's too much trouble to do something about it. Does this really require so much of Al Sharpton's attention? Is this really the biggest crisis facing the black community? If so, then I guess things are pretty damn good in that community.

Enough! Imus apologized. Life goes on. The word 'HO' will flourish and will be heard in half of the songs played at the parties these fair-haired women will attend at Rutgers. Life goes on, just like it did after Kramer yelled the "N Word" last year. Life will go on, and all of the alleged news channels will continue to feature vanilla white people on all of their programming. (And these beautiful white people will be shocked, shocked(!) the next time one of their ilk uses this language in public again.) Lame, lame, lame.


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