A Sullivan Fraud?

Something is very suspicious about this post at Andrew Sullivan's blog. He only uses ten words to say that he was wrong and somebody else was right. No nuance. No triple-explanations. I would never have suspected that he could order a cup of coffee with less than forty words. Has somebody stolen his account?
He was right. I was wrong. This clip is impressive.

If you haven't seen the clip yet, I've added it to the post so you don't have to go over to Sully's Weird World. It was linked at TPM last week, and I didn't think it was that impressive. It was the standard Dem position for those of us that didn't support the war. Too bad people like Andrew Sullivan and the gang at The New Republic were too busy playing cheerleader for the Administration instead of paying attention to reasonable arguments opposing the invasion of Iraq. (To be fair, they were hiding in their closets a-feared of Osama's Balsa Wood Nuclear Planes and Mobile Hot Dog Vans of Doom.)


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