Anna Nicole Smith : Rest In Peace

I always liked Anna Nicole Smith. I didn't care for her reality show or some of her crazy antics, but I liked her. Why?

She was a strong, confident Texas woman who took her one gift and worked the hell out of it. You can find someone like her in every small town here. Except Anna didn't marry the richest farmer in town. She didn't marry that old guy when she was broke, even though 99.9% of the women in her position would have. No, she worked it and worked it and worked it until she found the success that satisfied her. Without compromise. Without editing herself to please her critics.

"But she made a living off her good looks!" you might say.

So what? She was born with 'em. I was born with excellent math skills. I have used them to my advantage to carve a little niche for myself in this world. I let myself get distracted when I should have focused on pushing toward high goals.

There are some men in this world that use their good looks to secure a job as a talking head on television. Men like Brit Hume or Sean Hannity like to think they are above women like Anna Nicole, but they are basically the same. Except they are selling an ideological perspective instead of sex. They pretend to be disgusted by women like Anna Nicole, even though they know they would have given her a blank check if she had shown interest in them. They kinda understand the sexual power Anna Nicole held. She understood it completely, even when she was smashed on methadone.

I will miss Anna Nicole Simpson. She was a wreck. She was a beauty. She was a strong, confident Texas woman that took her gift to the top of her industry. Rest in peace, my love.


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