Rest In Peace Molly

Molly Ivins passed away today after a long battle with breast cancer.

When I was growing up, my father or grandfather would read her column aloud at the breakfast table. I was too young to understand the politics, but I fell in love with her language. I was beginning to reject my Texan roots, but her columns helped me understand that you can be intelligent, sophisticated, and still completely Texan. (Ann Richards kinda helped out, too.)

Molly Ivins was a national treasure and an icon of The Lone Star State. And I miss her already...

Here's a classic from Molly that showcases her trademark wit:
It's all very well to dismiss the dismal sight of our Legislature in action by saying, "I'm just not interested in politics," but the qualifications of the people who prescribe your eyeglasses, how deep you will be buried, what books your kids read in school, whether your beautician knows how to give a perm, the size of the cells in Stripe City and a thousand and one other matters that touch your lives daily are decided by the dweebs, dorks, geeks, crooks and bozos we've put into public office. (You may believe yourself in no peril of ever landing in Stripe City, but should you happen to contravene a law made by the only politicians we've got, this too will become a matter of some moment to you. For example, if you happen to possess six or more phallic sex toys, you are a felon under Texas law. In their boundless wisdom, our solons decided that five or fewer of the devices make you a mere hobbyist.)

Courtesy of the Fort-Worth Star Telegram's Four Favorite Ivins Columns.

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