Iraq's Last Chance

Trent Lott just said this is the Iraqi's last chance to make things work.

I guess that I have to disagree with this perspective. The people of Iraq don't really have anywhere else to go. Unless they are completely annihilated, Iraq has many many more chances to make this work. At some point, they will either agree to get along (like they have in the past once the power vacuum is filled) or the weakest group will be killed or transferred. I actually suspect they will eventually unite under some type of power structure, just as they have so many times in the past. We just need to find a way to keep the body count down until it happens...

This might be the Republican's last chance to fix things before the American Public tosses all of them to the curb, but the people of Iraq don't really have a choice of withdrawing or redeploying or whatever.

Just a thought...


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