Conservatives Agree with Bin Laden

The Carpetbagger has a great rundown of last night Colbert Report featuring Dinesh D’Souza. If you are not aware, D'Souza is a conservative writer/pundit that is your typical blowhard contemporary Republican. He talks a big game, but seems to lack some of the basic logic skills necessary to digest nuance and complexity.

Basically Dinesh d'Douche agrees wholeheartedly with Osama bin Laden's view of the world. Basically the problem with America, the Land of Freedom, is our fervent addiction to freedom. And if you have defended those freedoms, then you are the reason why Al Qaeda attacked us.

Let me repeat D'Souza's assertion: If you defend personal freedom and liberty in the United States of America, then you are directly responsibly for Al Qaeda's actions.

Folks, this is the level of debate found in the Right Wing World. If you defend The Golden Rule, then the blood of fellow humans is on your hands. How appalling is this argument? Basically this is like saying that Conservatives are responsible for the death of Sharon Tate because they didn't heed the writings of Charlie Manson. Or that the people of the United States are responsible for all of the people that died in Jonestown because we didn't accept Jim Jones as our personal Lord and Savior. I thought that the Republican party stood for personal responsibility; i.e. we don't need a welfare state because it is up to you to redeem yourself. Blaming Democrats/Liberals/Progressives for the sins of bin Laden is delusional.

Like Ann Coulter, D'Souza only hopes that this type of flammatory rhetoric sells books and gets him a few cable television bookings. Of course, he has sold himself short because now he can not be accepted as an intellectual that deserves attention. D'Souza has given us nothing of substance to debate; therefore he can immediately be replaced by the next hyperbolic blowhard.

Osama bin Laden owns 9/11. You can't assign credit to anybody else, especially patriots that correctly rejected the demands of a mass murderer.


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