Random Thoughts On The Mii Channel

Here's a few thoughts on Nintendo Wii's Mii Channel.

1. Transferring Mii's is a lot of fun. However, I wish there was some type of way to know which Mii's you have transferred around to people. Once you've added new people, it's really hard to keep track.

2. Surely we could expand the nicknames by five or ten characters. Ten characters is way too short. I can do "Fox Mulder" but not "John Doggett". Weak.

3. When I receive a Mii from a Friend for the first time, why can't I choose to assign that Mii to the Friend's address book entry?

4. A 20 Mii per day transfer limit is too low. I can understand why Nintendo wants to keep it low, but you can hit that limit really fast. Especially on the weekend or a holiday.

5. When I send a Mii, I usually send it to multiple people. The menu should allow me to do that.

But yes, I still love the channel because it offers a unique form of online interaction. You never know what type of Mii you might receive when you open up the Channel. Let's just hope that Nintendo expands it a bit with an update...


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