Tom DeLay Blogs? There Goes The Neighborhood

TomDelay.com is now ready to "serve it" to the Democrats. I guess that means it's ON.

So why does TomDelay.com exist? Simple.
The importance of the blogosphere in shaping and motivating the current conservative movement is unquestionable- not only has it served as an important tool in breaking through the liberal MSM clutter but it has helped to keep our elected officials true to principle.

This blog is meant to further the online discussion in the marketplace of ideas.

Well, I can't wait. The conservative blogosphere has really kept their elected officials "true to principle", right? There are just sooooo many real conservatives in Congress now. I guess it's unfair to blame that on Tom, because he helped run the true Conservatives out of Republican politics. It's easy to forget that Conservatives used to want less Government and more personal freedom/responsibility. Tom helped bloat our government, sent our troops to Iraq without question, and turned private religious beliefs into a public litmus test...

Tom DeLay's glory days are over, but he presided over a national movement that will be held near and dear to the hearts of many Conservative Christian Fundamentalists. I can't wait to see how his blog will "further the online discussion in the marketplace of ideas." Actually, that's pretty lame. Even as part of a mission statement. And especially since you can't contribute to the "discussion" unless you are screened by an editor. (And I suspect that it's just one lonely Young College Republican that is editing and writing the content for this site.)


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