Bush Says No To Graceful Exit

The Chimp Speaks:
"I know there's a lot of speculation that these reports in Washington mean there's going to be some kind of graceful exit out of Iraq," the president said during a joint news conference with Mr. Maliki, referring to the panel's reports that are expected next week. "We're going to stay in Iraq to get the job done so long as the government wants us there."

For some strange reason there are people in Washington DC that want me to come up with some type of "plan" or "strategy" to withdraw American troops from a regional sectarian conflict. I don't remember exactly why we went there or what we are now trying to do there, but we're totally staying unless we get kicked out.

Iraq doesn't have to be a lost cause, but we need new leadership. It doesn't matter if the Democrats have a plan or not. They aren't in charge. And with Bush in charge, we will continue squandering billions of dollars "training the Iraqi Army" and "restoring the electricity and water". If we haven't gotten that accomplished yet, then we ain't gonna get it done. It's time to go.


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