Early Voting : Sexual Gibbs Edition

Shelley Sekula Gibbs was expecting to have problems with the "Write-In" issue, because her supporters would have to write her name on the ballot twice. But has that been an issue in this race? Well, it appears that she received fewer votes for the second election on the ballot.

Here's the breakdown. The Special Election (to replace Tom DeLay until the end of the current term) appeared first on the ballot. She received more votes for this race. The General Election (for the new full term) appeared on one of the next pages on the ballot. It's possible that somebody would write in her name for the first election and then choose another candidate for the real election, but I kinda doubt it.

Harris County:

Special Election - 10579
General Election - 8580
-18 % Difference

Fort Bend County:

Special Election - 14182
General Election - 12914
-8.9 % Difference


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