John Kerry == The Democrat's Bill Frist?

Are you aware that John Kerry recently said that stupid people get stuck in Iraq?

Of course you are, because this is the biggest story in the 2006 election. Or so the GOP desperately hopes...

But was Kerry referring to George Bush or American soldiers? The context of Kerry's speech would indicate that he was talking about Bush, but I suppose somebody might assume he was referring to the troops. But it hardly matters. It's obvious that Bush was and is too stupid to get us out of Iraq. Conservatives are too scared to talk about Bush's logic, because it leads to the obvious conclusion that Bush lives in a world ruled by idealogical steadfastness. And then the story is no longer about Kerry's inarticulate jokes, but we're back to the main story of this election: Bush's apparent lack of ideas for Iraq. And that's obviously much more distressing for the soldiers then any verbal shrapnel from Kerry's mouth.

Yeah, this wasn't Kerry's best moment. Is it as bad as Bill Frist's diagnosis that (blind) Terri Schiavo responded to visual stimuli? No. But hopefully Kerry will spend more time behind the scenes and less time in public.


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