I promised to talk about who I support for Texas Governor: Chris Bell or Kinky Friedman.

I've decided not to endorse either of them.

Chris Bell is the perfect example of the failed TX Democrat party. He is a failed Houston political candidate, and has ran a most unspectacular campaign. However, he offers a realistic agenda and has paid his working dues within the political machine.

Kinky Friedman offers a tempting fantasy of political overhaul. It's a pipedream, but it has a certain appeal to some voters. But running as an Independent is risky, and some of his supporters may be reluctant to cast a vote against their own party.

Neither of the two have the slightest chance of success, and it wouldn't matter if either dropped out of the race. With Grandma in the race at ~20% of the vote, Perry is guaranteed to grab a plurality of the ballots. Therefore, I recommend that you vote for the person that you like the most. Make this a feel-good vote. I'm satisfied with the person I cast my vote for. He won't win, but I can daydream of a better Texas under his guidance.


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