Break On Through With NRO

Anytime I feel a little down at work, I take a trip over to The Corner. It's something I recommend to everybody every now and again...

Today's Best Corner Blogger definitely goes to Kathryn Jean Lopez with her exemplary performance. Let's step through the looking glass, shall we?

Here's K-Lo's thoughts on feminists and the new female Senator from Missourri:

Two more pro-abortion women in the Senate is a bad thing and a step backward at a time when one of liberal feminism's standards are facing some serious cultural challenges.

In other words, liberal women should be seen and not elected.


Maybe she's right. Maybe it's time to listen to somebody who is either not liberal or female. K-Lo will suffice. Three hours later K-Lo explores a serious issue facing non-liberal women today:
I find federal holidays that fall on weekends so confusing. Is Veteran's Day Saturday? Or Monday? On Friday?

This gets even more annoying when it is a church holyday. Sometimes if it falls on Saturday or Monday, the Mass-obligation gets cancelled by the D.C. bureacracy because Catholics can't go to church too often.

Actually, K-Lo, I think I'll stick with liberal women like Claire McCaskill because it seems like they have actually mastered the Roman calendar...


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