A New Year

For some reason I haven't been able to log on to my blogger account lately, so I haven't been able to post a winter solstice greeting. And now it's too late...

So what's on my mind?

We had a great holiday celebration at the Fresh Catch Houston base.

I have owned my Wii for over a month now, and I am ready to start posting my thoughts on the system. I love it so far, but the technology needs to mature. I'll be posting a review of Zelda and Wii Sports soon.

Chris Howard at Apple Matters thinks that Apple and Nintendo should 'play together'. This is something that I've heard for years, and I still don't understand it. Basically, the argument goes something like this: "Nintendo and Apple like white colors and offer complex technology with an easy, clean interface." You could say the same about my TV and my microwave. Or my car stereo and my alarm clock. I'd love to see them 'play together', but they don't really play in the same league.

In the political world, we will soon have a Dem Congress. Unfortunately, they can only sit on the side with us while Bush 'surges' further into dementia... Meanwhile, the Freepers are still faking laughter over Kerry's botched joke because it helps distract from the failures of their guttural bathroom-wall philosophy.

So, the blog rolls on yet another year. There will be a redesign sometime this Spring, and hopefully a Wii-friendly version of this page, too.

Happy New Year!


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