Tom DeLay Update

Last night I speculated that Tom DeLay doesn't write his own blog.

I was joking.

But I was right.

This is what Tom DeLay said on MSNBC last night:
Well, I’m not a very good writer. I have the ideas, and I have somebody else put the words together.

Yeah, that's right. So when you see Tom DeLay's name affixed to anything you read on the internet, there is a good chance that he did not write or research any of it. Tom DeLay just isn't the type of person that is capable of transforming ideas into a coherent narrative. Basically he points at a picture of Jimmy Carter and screams, "Baaaad! BAAAAAD!!!" and a team of Young College Republicans google the blogosphere to come up with a 1000 word blog post.

In a way, Tom's blog reminds me of the '94 Republican Revolution that has thankfully gasped its last anti-Clinton breath. They had a lot of *ideas* about what needed to be fixed in 'Merica. But they all failed to transform these ideas into coherent written law. Tom presided over a decade of leadership that generated a lot of noise, but ultimately accomplished very little. I expect nothing else from Tom's blog, no matter who actually writes for him.

He's offering a security blanket to the thumbsuckers that want to bring a nuclear winter to the people of the Middle East. His audience are there for the screeds against Jimmy Carter and the Liberal Media.


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