Military Bungles Ahoy

Frequently you read anecdotal stories emanating from our military and their romps in Iraq that symbolize American military ineptitude, and really answer the question of how we got it so wrong. And anyone using their head can peel through the layers of reasons for invasion, exposing the raw, true source - greed. And when you go into war for this reason, the logistics of a successful mission fall by the wayside.

A few months back, Vanity Fair ran an article on the infamous Haditha Killings, in which four military officers were finally charged in the brutal murders last month. While most people complained about its publication, I'm not sure how else we expose the corruption and immorality of the US Army. By virtue, I guess armies aren't supposed to be moral, but there are ways to conduct war, and ways not to - just ask Saddam.

As far as housekeeping details go, the US Army can't get that right, either. In December, re-enlistment letters (letters urging served members to return to active duty) were sent to 5,100 individuals who have recently left the military - unfortunately, 275 recipients of the letter were forced to leave involuntarily. In a total bonehead move, the military sent this letter to 75 officers killed in action, and 200 wounded in duty. And now they are having to apologize to the families of those killed/wounded who received the letter.


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