The Smoking Gun Roundup

I occasionally go through The Smoking Gun Archives to find stories that make my life somehow seem less abysmal. Well, my life isn't that abysmal, but some of these sure are funny.

Mike Tyson tells Arizona police how to roll a 'dirty' cigarette. Additionally, weed and cocaine make him "feel good". Kudos to Iron Mike for sharing his recipe for a Keith Richards Marlboro, and I agree that weed and cocaine usually make a person feel good. (Mike also had a few bags of coke in the car with him at the time of this little conversation, too.)

The leader of Phish got busted. With xanax, percocet, and hydrocodone. I have to give credit to my Dad's rock generation. At least they got busted with real drugs. It's sad when hippie bands and right-wing radio hosts are on the same unprescribed dope...

Virginia issues the personalized license plate 'STFU-PLS' and then asks for it back.

Some guy in Wisconsin argues that he can't be prosecuted for having sex with that deer because it was already dead. This guy has already been in jail for killing a horse and attempting to have sex with it.


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