NIN : Year Zero

A new NIN album is coming out on April 17. The album is titled Year Zero and according to Trent it is "Highly conceptual. Quite noisy. Fucking cool."

This appears to be a very high concept album. The mystery began when somebody noticed that highlighted letters from a European Tour Shirt spelled the words 'I am trying to believe." That led to the discovery of the website I Am Trying To Believe which seems to focus on a type of drug injected into the nation's water supply after some sort of biological attack.

The NIN Wiki has a page for Year Zero Research that contains links to more websites. How deep does the rabbit hole go? Take a look at the image linked to this post. That's the audio spectrograph analysis of a few seconds of static at the end of the single My Violent Heart that was leaked via a USB stick at a concert in Portugal last week.

I recommend that you take some time to explore the linked pages at the Wiki and stay tuned for further updates.


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