A Difficult Life For The Little Green Fascists

One of the Little Green Fascists is having a tough day. First of all, Digg has buried one of his stories.
It’s a leftist totalitarian dreamworld. They simply exclude any and all points of view that violate the groupthink—and call it “democracy.”

Well, I'm not sure that LGF has a strong record of respecting all points of view. In addition, LGF encouraged its audience to "digg" a post that is nothing more than a link to an AP article with a crappy headline. LGF's blog post didn't add anything relevant to the original article, and should have been buried because it did nothing but direct traffic to the LGF site.

If you have something interesting to say, post it up to Digg. If you are only driving traffic to your blog by linking to an article and adding two irrelevant sentences, then your digg item should be buried. Permanently.



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