Vietnam Veteran, Rick Francona, accuses Vietnam Veteran, Jack Murtha, of forgetting the lessons of the Vietnam War and that somehow Jack Murtha will repeat the same mistakes of Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon when they failed to drop that one last load of bombs in Northern Vietnam which would have made The Cosby Mysteries a success. Err, I mean Vietnam a success. If only we had dropped that final load of bombs we could have prevented communism from taking over the entire Asian continent which resulted in the Super Power of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics that currently rules the world.

Francona's blog entry is just plain nonsensical:
All of this boils down to congressional (political) micromanagement of the Defense Department’s conduct of a war – all the things he no doubt complained about (or should have) when he was a Marine Corps officer.

Congratulations, Colonel – you propose to do to the troops in Iraq what the Johnson and Nixon administrations did to us in Vietnam. I hope it doesn’t turn out the same way.

Jack Murtha isn't proposing micromanagement of the Iraq WhAteveR. He wants our troops fully funded. He wants them to have realistic rotations that prevent our troops from burning out after a few years. He wants the Commander In Chief to deliver a realistic exit strategy and an actual definition of victory. Murtha isn't proposing that we divide Iraq into 150,000 little squares and assign one soldier each one to guard and protect. Murtha isn't proposing that Congress needs to oversee each individual band-aid or bullet in Iraq. Murtha isn't proposing that Congress starts writing the menu for our troops.

The pro-war people have the power to call Murtha's bluff. The pro-war people have the power to say, "Yes, these are realistic measures that will provide an incredible amount of support to our troops and boost their morale in ways that Rush Limbaugh's radio show can not."

But let's be honest. The pro-war people won't support adequate funding for a 21st Century Army. They want to literally fight the Vietnam War over again with the same type of tactics and the same type of gear (but with more computers!) They want an Iraq version of M*A*S*H on our television. They want Robin Williams to act like a doofus in a movie called "Good Morning, Baghdad" (except this time he also has a blog). They want to 'win' this time so they can finally say to those dirty hippies once and for all, "See! You guys were wrong about the Iraq War and that means you were wrong about Vietnam and that means you were totally, totally wrong about Lynyrd Skynyrd."

Jack Murtha is only 'bleeding' support away from this war because people like Rick Francona only want to support our troops by writing emotional blogs and bitching about Jack Murtha on cable TV. That's it. That's how they support our troops. Jack Murtha finally called their bluff and submitted a proposal that would set a compelling standard for troop support in the 21st Century. And what happened when the pro-war crowd looked at the proposal for this type of support? They wrinkled their nose because it came from a Democrat, and then they pooped their pants when they saw the price tag. However, they can't write that in their blog so they decide to attack the messenger and accuse him of forgetting the lessons of Vietnam. That might have worked in the 60's, but not today. It's almost like Francona has forgotten the lessons of the anti-Vietnam War Movement...


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