Joe Klein : Go Away

Joe Klein, allegedly liberal journalist, has this to say about the Democrats on Scarborough Country:
They haven't found their sea legs, but they are overreaching.

That doesn't even make sense. They can't stand up to the President, and yet their proposals go too far. Klein is slowly becoming Time Magazine's Christopher Hitchens, except he's a bit less eloquent. Even if he seems a tad more sober than Hitch...

And what about that wacko plan that John Murtha has proposed? The one that he proposed without having sea legs, and yet goes too far? The one that says we should fully fund the troops and give them adequate rest between tours of duty? According to this Washington Post / ABC News poll, it has support from 58% of the American public. It's unfortunate that pro-war Republicans don't have the balls to call Murtha's bluff and implement his changes and keep the war going. They want to fight this war on the cheap, and hope that the troops won't notice.


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