Has It Really Been Four Years?

Has it really been four years since Pretzel-Dunce Bush declared that the war in Iraq was over? Honestly, it feels like twenty.

Bush says that it doesn't make sense to tell the enemy when we are going. Yeah, "the enemy" needs to keep waiting in suspense.

George Bush and his Republican sycophants don't give a damn about the troops. They'll keep our troops in a foreign sandbox for the next hundred years if they can use it as a weapon against those dirty hippies that made us leave Vietnam.

Enjoy this anniversary, Republicans. This is your war. It doesn't matter what Harry Reid says. It doesn't matter where Nancy Pelosi goes. It doesn't matter where Cindy Sheehan pickets. YOUR President represents everything you stand for. American soldiers are pawns in your political game.

Republicans don't care that Al Qaeda is an autonomous cellular terror organization. Republicans don't care that they still can't find a single definition for this mission. Republicans don't care about the length of soldier's tours. Republicans only care about sniping at the Democrats.

You broke it. You bought it. Mission Accomplished.


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