Breaking News On The Clinton Marriage

There are two new books about Hillary and her marriage to President Clinton, and boy do they have some shocking revelations:

  • Bill had an affair with another woman and almost divorced Hillary to be with the other woman. I know what you're thinking. This just doesn't happen in America. No way.
  • Hillary Clinton is the only female lawyer in America that is self-righteous, ambitious, and driven to success. Kinda takes your breath away, huh?
  • Immediately after 9/11, New York Senator Hillary Clinton supported the initial plan to invade Iraq. For some reason, she felt compelled to stand with a popular President and endorse a war that that most of America supported.
  • Hillary and Bill created a secret plan in the 1970's to share four Presidential terms. And like all secret plans hatched in the 70's, success is inevitable. Especially when one of the plotters is an ambitious woman!
Now, some of you might say that this doesn't seem like news. Hell, you might even argue that this secret pact sounds completely retarded. But you're missing the picture. These books are written by important journalists, therefore this goes beyond innuendo and becomes something that almost resembles news. Kinda pathetic, huh?


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