News? Yes!

That's right. There's news in the world.

Summit Fever hits Mount Everest. Check these links for detailed reports.

The US Troop surge in Iraq isn't reducing the number of attacks or fatalities. But don't worry. Things will be very peachy six months from now.

President Bush gets a War Czar! He's basically the Chief Commander for our wars while our Commander-In-Chief takes catnaps and works on the junior jumble. When he's done, he might start thinking about an exit strategy from Iraq.

Jerry Falwell overdosed on Crazy Flakes. Now who will blame the next 9/11 on militant lesbians and Deadwood?

While we're on the topic of Hell, I guess I should mention that I agreed with Andrew Sullivan. Twice. In one day. He defended Ron Paul and proclaimed him co-winner of the Republican Debate. It's kinda interesting that mainstream Conservatives are treating the only classic Conservative as a pariah. What the hell do these guys actually stand for? These people argue that we should shut down the Department of Education in the US, but we should rebuild all the schools in Iraq.

Lots of Antartic ice melts. It's that gosh-darned sun. Why is it getting so much hotter?


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