Everest Season

I'm a bit of an Everest junkie and love to read the compelling diaries of those who attempt the summit. It's Summit Season, and I thought I'd share a few online diaries of those brave adventurers.

PeakFreak's Khumbu Chronicles
This diary is tracking expeditions on the North and South sides of the Mountain.

London Business School's Rock and Mountain Club
Jolly group of chaps who are raising money for The Prince's Trust charity. They are attempting to place the first Welsh and Egyptian women on the summit.

Caldwell Xtreme Everest
A research expedition that is studying the effects of hypoxia. According to their last update, they are halfway complete with the program and are preparing for their summit attempt.

Coleman Everest Expedition
This looks like a small team sponsored by Coleman Outdoor products. They are carrying the ashes of an 11-year old boy who died of leukemia in 2004. This is a pretty cool site that has a lot of information, including videos.

Project Himalya
Commercial expedition from New Zealand. This will link you to their latest dispatch. You can use the menu on the left to go through all dispatches from the beginning. Lots of good quality pics!

International Mountain Guides
Another commercial expedition attempting the South route.

Greatoutdoors.com Expedition
Sponsored expedition that seems to be updated almost daily with a few pics.

Himex Expedition
Commercial expedition led by Russell Brice, foremost Everest guide/evil greedy bastard. If you watched Discovery's Everest : Beyond the Limit mini-series, then you'll be familiar with Brice and his controversial company. It appears they are filming a new season, and we're waiting in anticipation to see if there will be another David Sharp controversy.

Tao of Everest
Controversial guide Ian Woodall is making his last trip to Everest. However, he's not going for the summit. He's returning to bury Fran Arsentiev, first American woman to climb Everest without supplemental oxygen but died tragically on the way down. He also plans to bury an Indian who died in the 1996 storm. The Daily Mail reported that he will also cover David Sharp's body, but I don't see that on the Tao of Everest site anymore.


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