A Conversation with a Dead Man

How does it feel in the ground, George?
Cold and good, I guess. Feels right.
And you just lie there ... and ...?
For a while now, enjoying the nothing.

And when the time moves along?
I'm just floating away to wherever.
You aren't afraid of the nothing?
What, of the worms and shit? No.

People say death is the ultimate.
So I've heard. Not my decision.
People say life is the ultimate.
It might be. I don't remember.

So why not just ... kill myself?
That's a hard one to answer.
'Cos I'm tired of life's bullshit.
Well, there's no bullshit here.

So you'd recommend dying?
Hard to say. Why are you asking?
'Cos death seems so awesome.
Maybe, but all I ever feel is...

{_Dennis Cooper_} Period


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