Continued Surginess

Great news from Iraq today. The surge to continue progress toward sustainable stability has turned another corner.

Three bomb attacks in Baghdad today killed more than 65 people, as sectarian and militant violence continued to rage in Iraq.

Remember, violence indicates that the evil-doer's and the dead-ender's are in their last throes.

Meanwhile, the progress to surginess security stability continues to help the political forces in Iraq find common ground.

The Shiite-led government that is trying to cope with the violence, meanwhile, suffered a political setback today, when the largest Sunni Arab political bloc in the parliament followed through on a threat to walk out of the coalition cabinet that is trying to unify the country.
Remember, it's a good thing for a young democratic infrastructure to crack apart according to ethnic identity.

The evidence of surgtastic successory is evident in the word coming from the US Embassy:

[Phillip Reeker, spokesman for the US Embassy] expressed hope that Iraqi leaders would work to resolve their disputes over the Iraqi parliament’s month-long August vacation.

Yeah, a one month vacation from each other should bring these two parties together real soon! That's how things work in the Fantasy World of Surging Progress.

Unfortunately, it's not all good news in Iraq. The insurgents' car bomb ruined the paint job on a recently painted wall. Oh, the costs of war...


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