No Magic Bullet? No Way!

Anne Applebaum at the Washington Post really earned her paycheck this week.  She looked at the situation in Iraq and realized... that there are no magic bullets

Damn.  None?  Really?  And get this.  Every possible plan has a risk!  No!  Seriously!

What is missing from this conversation is a dose of humility. More to the point, what is missing is the recognition that every single one of these plans contains the seeds of potential disaster, even catastrophe.

Well, slap my ass like a fresh-squeezed baby.  Whodathunkit?  There is no magic plan for Iraq.  And all of the other plans carry a risk.  Ooooh, and we've been dressed down by Anne Applebaum for our lack of humility.  (I should probably be spanked again.)

So, what is Mommy Applebaum's plan?  Well, she doesn't have one.  It's a bit too risky to put yourself out there like that.  She'd rather sit on the sidelines and tell us what's wrong with our plans. 

How much does the Post pay for an editorial of this caliber?  Unless they paid her in "magic" beans, they got ripped off. 


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