Dead Earth

What the hell has happened to music? I've tried to watch the Live Earth concert, but it is too painful to bear. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Today's kids are NOT taking good drugs. Alcohol, oxycotin, and anti-depressants are responsible for this crap. Emo? Piano rock? It's an endless cycle. This music makes you depressed because it sucks so much. Depressed people drink booze and eat pills. And then they put on a Fall Out Boy cd and get depressed again.

Taking Back Sunday. I thought one of my cats was stuck in the dryer when this band was playing. Surely live music can't be so pointless. And yet, it was. Don't Take Back Sunday. Take Back Your Music. Throw it in the garbage! David Gray? Keith Urban? James Blunt? I haven't heard this much vapid earnestness since I left Austin.

I'm going to run my air conditioner for 24 hours straight to protest this shit. Screw you, Al Gore! You should've hooked up with Drop Bass and put together a REAL concert.


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