GOP Scared of Youtube Users

I didn't watch the CNN/Youtube Democrat Debate last week because today's "debates" seem like more of a Question and Answer session. The candidates get a few moments to deliver a pre-canned monologue, and then let their media personnel bark at each other after the debate. However, I do like the idea of choosing questions submitted by Youtube'rs because there is some potential to catch one or two candidates off-guard, and that provides a little bit of entertainment value to an otherwise pointless exercise. I guess that's why the Republicans are squirming away from this format...

The Rudy Giuliani campaign has cited scheduling conflicts in saying it will skip the Republican version of this week's Democratic debate, while Mitt Romney has mocked the seriousness of the questions and also seems likely to withdraw. John McCain, one of two candidates who had agreed to participate (Ron Paul is the other), has also expressed doubts about the Democratic debate's level of decorum and aides say he may reconsider his commitment.
The Republicans have a real problem when they attempt to move away from the script written by their media team. Consider George Allen; the man who said hello to a man at a rally by using a racial epithet. Or Mitt Romney; the man who held up a sign created by his supporter conflating Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden. Or Rudy Giuliani; the man who yelled 'Bullshit' at a rally in NYC.

Honestly, I think the Warpublicans should avoid this debate. There's no way they will be able to respond to the likes of Snowman, Santa Claus, or any other American that submits a video question to a website. Yeah, we can trust them to confront the menace of Al Qaeda anywhere, anytime. But seriously, there's no way they could confront a question from Youtube user Alkay-Duh2078. Truly, what Warpublican could?


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